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    Destination To The World's Best Aviation School

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    A mile of highway will take you just one mile... But a mile of runway will take you take you anywhere!

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    Unlike the boundaries of the sea by the shorelines, “the ocean of air” laps at the border of every state, city , town and home throughout the world.

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    Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations.

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    Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.

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    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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    Complete Education Solution

    Being innovative

Best Industry Leader

Let us remember : - One book, One pen, One child, One teacher can change the world.

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Build a Bright Future

Optimism is the faith that, leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

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Reach Beyond Border.

Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best.

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Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism management

Over 200 million people work in the Travel and Tourism Industry worldwide. Our travel and tourism training is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximize career opportunities in this rapidly expanding industry.

Airline Cabin Crew Management

A career in Aviation Management offers
opportunities to travel, meet new people
and gain new experience in all parts of the world.

Shipping and Logistics Management

Globalization and outsourcing are important trends that are currently witnessed in the Logistics and Shipping industry. Both these approaches have increased the job opportunity in the Shipping and Logistics area.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics is about getting the right product, to right customer, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time and the right lost.

Shipping and Port Management

With increasing importance of International trade, the need for skilled individuals to manage ports has increased. Service of shipping and port management professionals are required by both Government agencies and private sector.


IATA training offers flexible training solution in a classroom, distance learning format. IATA offers several internationally recognized training programmes for all levels of airline management and operations, leading to different diplomas.

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has today evolved into a thriving, global, multi billion dollar industry. And its growth is fueling demand for professionals who can think originally and innovatively about fashion and create a sustainable and trendy designs.


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    The ideal degree for those wishing to pursue a career in the aviation industry or for those already employed in the aviation industry with a specific in studying for a dream career in aviation industry.

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    Course Level : The IIPS constitutes world class, authoritative, independent expertise, spanning both the marine and maritime sectors. We foster new research collaborations, educate the next generation of maritime leaders, and generate knowledge and intelligence for businesses of all sizes and organisations of all kinds.

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    Course Level : Vocational education or skill based education are in certain disciplines which enables students to acquire skills which are traditionally non-academic and totally related to specific trade, occupation or vocation.

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Explore all the COURSES


Why Choose Us

We think it is because you have a goal, you want to feel one size fits all. Because you want freedom to grow while also developing first class skills that will lead you into a successful career IIPS School makes sense for all these reasons.

Innovative and Ground Breaking Programs

10 years ago many of today’s most exciting careers did not even exist. IIPS are leaders in technology and work force development, preparing students for success in not only the cutting edge careers of today, but also those of tomorrow. With over 10 plus academic partners and over 600 courses we ensure students receive most up to date training.

Something for Everyone

600 plus programs across 30 plus area of study, there is definitely one that is right for you. Whether you are business minded or creative, good with numbers or good with your hands, like working with people or with technology, there is a college program that will help you turn the things, you are good at into a successful career.

It is never too late

With job commitments, family at home wills to pay and other responsibilities, are you worried it is too late to go back to college. College class rooms are not just for teenagers, they are full of individuals at different phases in their lives. Whenever you are in our life, it is never too late to build your skills and knowledge through a college education

Real World Experience before you graduate

You’ve probably heard this one already, but we never get tired of saying it. College programs are famous for their unique blend of academic learning and practical skills training. Led by instructors with professional experience, you’ll benefit from hands – on training and real – world projects right in the class room, while co-op and work study options give you the chance to gain valuable experience in your chosen career before it’s even begun.

Class rooms that connect

With size that average around 30 rather than don’t expect to be lost in the crowd. Instead, expect your classes to be full of spontaneity and energy. With instructors who challenge you to engage openly, ask questions, share ideas and work hand- on to get more out of each class than you ever thought possible. And let’s talk a bit more about those instructors. With real- world experience to draw from and many who still actively work in the air area they are teaching, you can count on them to be current on the latest trends and technologies and to keep the class room connected.

Graduate with Less Debt

We saved the best news for last. No one wants to graduate with a mountain of debt, and unfortunately, higher learning comes with a price tag. IIPS Programs have significantly lower tuition costs than other college programs, without sacrificing on the quality of the education you receive. We also help you to get the work force faster, so you can be earning money rather than spending it.

Training and Placement

Training and placement cell is a backbone of any institute which is committed to develop dynamism, strong human values, technocratic and good leadership qualities as per the need of rapidly changing technology working with a strategy oriented planning. Our students are groomed according to the requirements of industry.We provide training at various International Airports and Airlines. We are committed to provide placement at various Airports, airline companies and various hospitality sectors.

Campus life & Activities

The mission of student activities and campus life is to provide expanding Opportunities for students through a variety of programs. We strive to complement the academic program of studies and to enhance the overall educational experience of students through various intellectual, cultural, leadership/ advisory and social programs.

While you are here, we hope you will take time to get involved in such campus activities. Be part of an active, curious, and social community that extends learning well beyond the classroom.

What Student say about us

The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think — rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men. The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is choice.

We have the inner strength. By this undaunted courage, the exemplary leader in us converts adversity into opportunity and potential loss to certain win by showing and indicating the path to victory.

Santhi S Nair
Student at campus

In order to reach a high peak we will have to climb many small peaks. This will involve continuous ascending and descending. Many times the high peak will disappear from our visibility; however firmness of mind, focus, dedication and perseverance will take us there.

Arun Kumar
Student at campus

Most jobs are performed effectively if the person doing them deploys knowledge, skills and attitude in combination. Of-course one needs to amalgamate these, picking each in right proportion to the job at hand.

Jain Joseph
Student at campus

It is not always easy to be a creative person-to think positively and creatively and to solve problems that face you. There will always be those who are quick to say “It can’t be done”, for some reasons. Creatively lies in overcoming this mental hurdle and tread, the only way to success; which is again, being creative.

Sherin Mathai
Student at campus

Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections, from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines and places, from active collegial network and fluid open boundaries.

Jishnu Raj
Student at campus

The ability to express our needs, wants and feelings directly and honestly and see the needs of others as equally important is the sine qua non of a satisfying effective relationship. It is the essence of life.

Deepika Nath
Student at campus

Bound by a common vision, driven by the whip of commitment we move on. There is less of ‘me’ and more of ‘we’ but then, at the end of the day there is more for ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘everybody’.

Surya P S
Student at campus